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User Guide & FAQs
WHOIS lookup
With WHOIS lookup tool is a query and response protocol, you can find out the real domain owners name or company, domain name contact information, including registrant details, administrator, and technical contact person information, the status of the domain name, and other important dates (such as the domain name registration date and expiration date). WHOIS lookup is usually used for various lawful purposes. Network administrators use WHOIS data to identify and confirm problems. For example, WHOIS data can be used to determine the compliance of domain name usage, identify trademark infringements, and trace domain name registrants involved in activities or Internet fraud. In addition, ICANN’s protocol protects domain name registrants by forbid people from leveraging WHOIS data to automatically identify users of specific administrations or registrars and send marketing, fraud, or massive spam information to you. You can enable the domain name proxy service to prevent your information being stolen. Click WHOIS lookup to search the information about a domain name.
Change the DNS server
if a domain name is registered at Vega Info Tech, Vega Info Tech DNS server is used by default, such as and If you have a Domain Name Server, you can change the default DNS server to your DNS server. You can also change it to the DNS server of another service provider. To change the DNS server, follow the steps below: Log on to the Domains console. Locate the domain name whose DNS server you want to change, and then click Manage. Go to the Basic Information page, click DNS Modification on the left-side navigation pane. Click Change DNS. Modify, add, or delete the information about the DNS server. Note: After the DNS server is changed, it may take as long as 48 hours for resolution to take effect.
Modify domain name information
You can perform the following steps to modify your domain name information. Log on to the Domains console. Behind the domain name, click Manage. Click Info Modification on the left navigation pane to modify the registrant name, address, email and other information, and then click Next. Select the verification mode. Verify the information with the modified email of the registrant, and click Get Verification Code behind the Email Address. Enter the verification code sent to the modified email, and click Confirm. After the information is successfully modified, the domain name information modification will be sent to the emails of the original registrant and the new registrant at the same time. Remember to check the email.
How to renew a domain name?
To renew a domain name, follow the steps below: Log on to the Domains console. Locate the domain name and click Renew. If you want to renew several domain names, select the domain names and click the Bulk Renew option below. Go to the Shopping Cart page, select the domain name(s) you want to renew and the subscription duration, and click Buy Now. Go to the Confirm Order page, and click Place Order. Go to the Pay page, and click Pay. The renewal is complete.
Redeem a domain name
Generally, you have a 30-day renewal period after your domain name expires atvega Info Tech. If you fail to renew the domain name within the renewal period, the domain name enters into the redemption period. You need to pay a higher price to redeem a domain name in the redemption period if you want to own the domain name back.
Domain name transfer
If you want to transfer your domain name from Vega Info Tech to another registrar, the registrar may ask for an authorization code (also known as an EPP code or a transfer key) to verify that you own the domain name.
Conditions for getting a transfer authorization code
To get a transfer authorization code, meet the conditions below: The original domain name must be an Vega Info Tech domain name. The transfer date must be at least 60 days after the domain name registration submission date (domain name registration date). The transfer date must be at least 60 days after the previous successful domain name transfer. A domain name that is renewed after expiration can be transferred only after 45 days since the renewal date. The domain name to be transferred is in normal status (rather than in transfer prohibition), without overdue payments, or not in any arbitration or legal proceedings, and its registrant’s identity should be clear or without dispute.
You can get an authorization code from Vega Info Tech
Log on to the Domains console. Locate the domain name to be transferred, and click Manage. Go to the Basic Information page, click Domain Transfer-Out on the left navigation pane. Verify your email. Check the registrant’s email address where the transfer code will be sent, and click Next. Security authentication. You can select one authentication mode and enter the authentication code. Click Next. After you complete the steps above, you will receive the authorization code via the email address. Check your email.
Procedure for transferring your domain name to Vega Info Tech
To transfer domains to Vega Info Tech, follow these steps. On the registrar’s portal: Update contact information (if necessary). Update and verify the administrative contact information for your domains. Confirmation emails for all future transfer requests are sent to the updated email. Unlock your domains (if necessary). Domains cannot be in the Clienthold status. Disable transfer protection. Disable transfer protection for your domains (if applicable). Get an authorization code (also known as an EPP code or a transfer key).
Procedure for transferring a domain name from Vega Info Tech
Log on to the Vega Info Tech Domains console. Select the domains to transfer and click Manage. Go to the Basic Information page, click Domain Transfer-Out on the left-side navigation pane. Check the email and click Next. Choose either Authentication by mobile phone or Authentication by Vega Info Tech one-click App for the authentication method. Take Authentication by mobile phone as an example. Click Obtain the transfer code, enter the authentication code sent to the mobile number bound to your account, and click Next. Verify the registrant email and click Next. An authorization code is sent to the registrant email. If you have not received the email, click Obtain the transfer code again. If your email is incorrect, click Registrant’s email to modify it. Enter the authorization code on the new registrar’s portal and submit the request. Upon receiving the request for domain transfer to another registrar, Alibaba Cloud automatically sends a confirmation email for domain transfer to the registrant email. Domains are automatically transferred out in five days. If you want to cancel the transfer, follow the instructions in the email.